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Things to do at Devon House

Saved from the brink of destruction in 1965, the Devon House Mansion is the jewel in the crown of the Devon House Heritage Site grounds. The home of Jamaica’s first black millionaire, George Stiebel, the mansion has had many lives. It’s been a private residence, left vacant, almost demolished, the site of the National Gallery of Jamaica, and now an iconic heritage site. But the mansion is just one of the things you’ll find to enjoy when visiting Devon House. This beautiful house overlooks the bustling grounds with fine eateries, eclectic shops, and a relaxing, lush park.

Here's a list of some great things to do while you’re at Devon House.

Tour the mansion – of course!

In 1881, George Stiebel purchased the Rectory constructed by St Andrew Parish Church on Devon Penn. Here the story of the Devon House Mansion begins. Over the years, the mansion has passed through many hands and it was designated a National Monument by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust. It is an iconic location in the beating heart of the Corporate Area and one of the top places to visit in Kingston. A tour of the mansion takes you back in time through carefully and beautifully restored rooms full of unique artefacts. Led by knowledgeable guides, locals and visitors alike should take a tour of Devon House! Visit our Mansion Tour page to organise your own tour!


Have  ‘I-scream’ at the fourth best place to eat ice cream in the world

Having ice cream at Devon House should be on every list of top 10 things to do in Jamaica. It’s certainly one of the most popular things to do at Devon House. And for good reason! In the National Geographic book Food Journeys of a Lifetime, Devon House lands at number four on the list of top 10 places to eat ice cream in the world. A wide array of flavours ranges from simple (yet so delicious) vanilla to mango, coconut, and the boozy dark beer-based Devon Stout.


Get locally made goodies at the Artisan Village

From cool cotton dresses to unique treats bound to entice any foodie, the Artisan Village is a little treasure trove. Here you can find things like small-batch ackee butter, oxtail dip, local cured meats and chocolates at The Commissary, breezy cotton creations at Gimi Cool Cottons, and creatively designed sandals from D’Nex Step. There’s much more to explore in the Artisan Village near the entrance to the Devon House grounds.


Try a unique take on a patty

Outside of ackee and saltfish, the patty might just be Jamaica’s national dish. These flaky pastries are synonymous with the island. At the Devon House Bakery, they’ve put their own spin on this beloved food. Dig into the unique triangular-shaped patties here, with unusual fillings such as lobster and curry goat.


Have authentic Italian pizza with a twist

Some of the best pizzas in Jamaica can be found at Devon House. La Pizzeria serves up authentic thin-crust Italian-style pizza with a Jamaican twist. Try the ‘Jamaican’ with ackee and callaloo for a yardie spin on the classic pizza. You can even get a yard-long pizza to share with friends. If pizza isn’t your thing, that’s okay, there are many restaurants offering up delicious dishes from Greek and Mediterranean food, sandwiches and soups to gourmet steakhouse fare. Devon House was designated a centre of gastronomy in 2017, so check out our Restaurants and Shops page to discover all the wonderful places to dine!


Put some pep in your step with a coffee or tea break

After all that exploring and eating, it’s time for a coffee or tea break. Cozy up to a cup of authentic Blue Mountain Coffee at Lemongrass Tea Room. There’s a small outdoor space in front of the café that’s a great place to kick back when the weather isn’t too hot. You can also take your coffee and sit on one of the many benches under the shade of sheltering trees. Not a coffee person? Lemongrass Tea Room has the cutest organic tea shop around.


Take a break from the world at the spa

Tucked away near the entrance is a place where you can shrug off your cares and leave the world behind for a little. A visit to the Spa at Devon House by Island Rituals is one of the best things to do at Devon House for those looking for some deep relaxation. Using the Island Rituals line of products, made here in Jamaica, it’s a luxurious experience. You can indulge in a hot and cold stone massage, scalp, and neck massage and more.


Pick up some unique Jamaican items

Jewelry dreams come true at Rêve Jewellery and Accessories where this family-owned brand displays one-of-a-kind designs and over at Rosie’s Crystal Gallery full of gemstones and crystals. If you pop over into Things Jamaican you’ll find a whole host of locally-made items from accessories to décor and food.


Attend a fabulous event

Our lawns play host to several events. Throughout the year you can find expos, marketplaces, fashion shows and more taking place here.


Have a photoshoot

Beautiful places are in abundance on the grounds of Devon House. Did you know that you can take advantage of our space to stage a stunning photoshoot? Whether it’s a special moment like an engagement or you just want some beautiful pictures, there’s the perfect spot here for you. Head on over to our Photoshoot Packages to learn more.


Get married

One of the most special things you can do at Devon House is to get married! Tie the knot or have your reception with the gorgeous backdrop of the mansion or lawns. Our Wedding Packages has all the details for the future bride and groom.

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